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Musical-Inspired "Little Pins of Horror" Pins

$3.00 USD - $80.00 USD

"You better, tellin' you, you better, Tell your mama somethin's gonna get her
She better, ev'rybody better Beware!"

Featuring the Full set of the Musical inspired pin series “Little Pins of Horror” originally made and funded through Kickstarter.

You also have the option of getting Individual pins through the drop down menu!

There’s only a few full sets left to be sold together, get yours today! Getting the Full set comes two free Mini Prints and a vinyl sticker which is also inspired by the musical!!! which could also be purchased separately through the drop down Menu!

Musical Inspired "Little Pins of Horror" Open-Edition Pin Set:
1.8" Gold-Plated Hard-Enamel Pins
FEATURES: Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Stained Glass, Print, Pearlized Enamel Backstamped & Double Posted with Yellow and Green Rubber Clasps
"Mean Green Mother" Mini-Print:
4"x6" Print
"Grow For me" Vinyl Sticker:
2.5" Vinyl Water and Weather Resistant Stickers (up to 3-5 years)

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