“Crystalized Starters” are ready for Pre-Order!

"Original Starters" Hard Enamel Pins

$20.00 USD - $45.00 USD

In celebration of 27 years we've made brand new pins to commemorate Pokemon Day! Featuring the Full set of the "Original Starter" pin series these glittery little rascals are begging to know the answer to the question: Who will you choose to bring along you in this journey?!

You also have the option of getting Individual pins through the drop down menu if you want your journey to begin with all three pins!!

"Original Starters" Open-Edition Pin Set:
2" Gold-Plated Hard-Enamel Pins
FEATURES: Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Print, Pearlized Enamel Backstamped & Double Posted with Red, Blue and Green Rubber Clasps (depending on the starter of choice)

Pins should be shipping out 2nd week of March 2023. Updates will be made on Insta!